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JPEG Uploader History

We originally created a free uploader site called in around 2001/2002 where people could login and upload JPEGs and GIFs. The simple yet powerful gallery system and the easy upload made it perfect for people to use to upload pics to show their friends. We uploaded some pictures and a handful of users uploaded some photos and other images. There was a limit of one image upload per day per user.

The very first uploader site was one of our first server-side scripting sites. It was written in ASP and had a simple upload and gallery system.

We soon realised that much more was possible with the uploader idea so we switched to PHP. The original uploader written in ASP moved to an archive site at and the new uploader site became

The new PHP uploader site had a much more powerful upload engine and gallery system. You could view the pictures in the order of the latest to be uploaded or you could view all the uploads by a certain user or in a certain section/theme. There was also a useful admin area for each user to upload his/her images, change their background color and rename the image.

The site was a success and 4,000 users uploaded more than 10,000 images. The original uploader site lasted until 2004 and for a long time the upload had been disabled to save the server. As you can see from the JPEGs in this archive many different types of images were uploaded. Many of the uploads were animated GIFs, we may make a site to show these in the future.

As you can see from the jpegs that are getting added to the gallery there is a broad spectrum of themes in the uploads. There were plenty of photos of people, cars, pets, graphic art, sports, web layouts and different things that people were into.

Sometimes the uploads were topical. Sometimes you could guess at the age of the uploader from their uploads and sometimes you couldn't. A lot of the web layouts contained cartoon characters and pop singers. There were also collages and banners to celebrate sports teams. Sometimes photos had been modified so the uploaders themselves appeared in the photos with their idols.

At the time, aswell as the main uploader site where JPEGs and GIFs could be uploaded, we also had some other, more experimental uploaders. One such uploader was where you could upload a JPEG and crop it, resize it or distort it to whichever dimensions you desired.

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