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This site is an archive of some of the JPEGS that were uploaded to between 2002 and 2004. For more history of the old site check out the history section!

As you can see from the latest JPEGs there was a diverse array of photos and images uploaded. It seemed that every uploader had their own reasons and motivations for making and uploading the images. As well as being an experimental PHP site and a cool project to build it was also very interesting from a people-watching point of view. If you allow 100 people to upload an image each they will upload 100 different images and the images will be of different things. Some will be photos of themselves, their pets, their heroes, their cars, their phones or their friends. Some will be scans. Some will be 3D models and screenshots. And some will be images created by the user themself, or someone they know.

We may open up the upload facility on a limited basis. More info and contact details to follow soon.

September 2007

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